Monday, October 26, 2009

Racism Or Dress Code? Black Student Barred From Chicago Night Club.

My Own home town of Chicago has everything violence,crooks in politics and so much more .But reading this story didn't surprise me but sickens me at that. A Chicago Night Club Admitted 200 White Students and Barred 6 Black students while on a celebration trip from Washington University .The bar stated the the black Student were barred because of a dress code violation saying that all of the black students had on baggy jeans give me a freaking break .In the picture above the of the students the white student had on the same casual wear as the black Student .The Black Student had on a more casual look at that i'm not a fashion expert so don't judge me .
But in this matter the club by the name of Mothers Bar which should be name biggots bar had no further comment .The White Student Cutz did confront the manager and told the manager that the black students were dressed better then he was .But the Manager still barred the 6 black students for the night club.The School is having a town hall meeting on this issue tonight in St.Louis,MO. And will be holding a protest which I will be at as soon as I got all the Info.Link to the Full story here