Monday, October 26, 2009

Racism Or Dress Code? Black Student Barred From Chicago Night Club.

My Own home town of Chicago has everything violence,crooks in politics and so much more .But reading this story didn't surprise me but sickens me at that. A Chicago Night Club Admitted 200 White Students and Barred 6 Black students while on a celebration trip from Washington University .The bar stated the the black Student were barred because of a dress code violation saying that all of the black students had on baggy jeans give me a freaking break .In the picture above the of the students the white student had on the same casual wear as the black Student .The Black Student had on a more casual look at that i'm not a fashion expert so don't judge me .
But in this matter the club by the name of Mothers Bar which should be name biggots bar had no further comment .The White Student Cutz did confront the manager and told the manager that the black students were dressed better then he was .But the Manager still barred the 6 black students for the night club.The School is having a town hall meeting on this issue tonight in St.Louis,MO. And will be holding a protest which I will be at as soon as I got all the Info.Link to the Full story here

Monday, October 5, 2009

African American Teen Murdered By Police officer in a Drive By Tasering in Pensacola, Florida.

Pensacola, Florida .A Young African American male who's age has not been released was tasered and ran over by Police officer while riding his bike .Witness say that the young boy was riding his and when the Officer tasered him and then the officer ran over that boy killing anohter young African American male .The 35-Year old officer Jarald Ard has been place on Administrative leave .The local chapter of the NAACP Said they will conduct an Investigation as well .Another African American Child murdered this week .

Monday, September 14, 2009

Radio Host Neal Boortz Is At It again Comparing President Obama To A Child Molester.

Hate talk radio host Neal Boortz is at it again with his racist and hate mongering .Neal Boortz on his twitter account stated "Sending the President Obama to talk about Wall streets is like sending a Child Molester To Talk To Kindergarten Class".What the Hell? why dose a racist douches bag like boortz still get funding and advertisement for spreading hate.Comparing The President to Hitler is one but now a molester you have to be freaking kidding me what a biggot.Link to article below

Monday, August 31, 2009

African American Woman Pastor Found Dead and Left in a "Crucifix Position"

ANADARKO,Oklahoma-Rev.Carol Daniels was found dead laying in the Crucifix Position at her church Sunday afternoon.Rev.Daniels who is 61 body was found by an elderly couple
Who later notifed police after finding Rev.Daniels.
But this tragedy is more bone chilling and sickening as your read more I will post the rest of the Article here R.I.P Rev.Carol Daniels
This Article is Posted on ANADARKO — Police found the mutilated body of the Rev. Carol Daniels in a "crucifix position” behind her church altar last Sunday, The Oklahoman learned from sources close to the investigation.

Sources confirmed that Daniels’ bloodied corpse appeared to have been left in the form of a cross with both arms outstretched to the sides. Sources also said investigators were disturbed by two other facts at the crime scene:

• The killer took Daniels’ clothes, perhaps to hide evidence or as a grisly trophy.

• The killer methodically took time to spray a dissolving chemical around the body in an apparent effort to destroy any DNA evidence.

Police found Daniels’ nude body at 12:09 p.m. after being notified by an elderly couple who found the Christ Holy Sanctified Church doors locked and the reverend’s vehicle parked in front. A medical examiner’s report obtained through an open records request showed that the killer inflicted deep, gaping wounds to the throat. The wounds nearly decapitated Daniels’ head, said Dr. William Manion, a forensic pathologist inBurlington County, N.J.

Severe lacerations were also found on her left breast, back, stomach and hands — the latter a sign that the 61-year-oldOklahoma City woman likely tried to fight her attacker.

Daniels’ hair was also burned.

Brent Turvey, a criminal profiler and private forensic scientist, said the evidence doesn’t appear to indicate a cold-blooded, serial killer.

"This is someone who felt they had been pushed way too far, or wronged by something she had done,” said Turvey, an Oklahoma City University adjunct professor. "They felt like they had to do these things. But this person was in a complete rage — a blind rage.”

Turvey contends a serial killer would have taken one piece of clothing as a trophy, not all of the clothing.

"The taking of the clothes was not done for a trophy, but was rather a practical act,” Turvey said. "The use of a dissolving spray was also a practical act.”

Turvey suspects the position of the body might have been coincidental.

"It’s either one of two things,” Turvey explained. "It could have been deliberate. They’re in a church; they put her in this position, perhaps a defiant way of saying, ‘Screw you and your God. Look how your God didn’t help you.’

"Or it was not at all deliberate, and her body just fell that way. It’s highly common to find a nude body lying on the ground with their arms outstretched like a cross. In fact, it happens all the time,” he said.

Homicide investigations in Anadarko don’t happen often. Daniels’ death is only the second homicide since January in this Caddo County town of 6,600 residents, and this one has left investigators puzzled.

"We have no suspects,” Capt. Dwaine Miller of the Anadarko Police Department said Thursday. "We have no idea who did this.”

Since Miller’s statement, all authorities have declined comment.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has now requested FBI behavioral science experts to help catch the killer.

"Calling in an FBI profiler is a move of utter last resort,” said Turvey, who has worked more than 800 homicides and 30 death penalty cases in 15 years. "That is more about PR than substance.”

Video surveillance retrieved from a nearby convenience store to the north shows Daniels driving up in front of the church on Broadway Street about 10 a.m. On the south side of the church is a back door that opens into a small alley. Investigators removed that back door for potential evidence, leaving a black, plywood board in its place.

The video has since been sent to a lab for enhancement, but it is unknown whether it will reveal anything relevant.

"We had two cameras,” Miller said earlier this week. "One showed Ms. Daniels’ car. The other camera points in the opposite direction. Had it been angled in a slightly different direction, it would have pointed to the back of that church and right at that alley.”

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Man dies after being Tasered 3 Times at LA subway station

LA,Cali. The Police are at it again tasering and murdering people in train stations in California.Officials say a man died after deputy Tasers him 3 times at LA subway station, Wednesday Night a LA deputy repeatedly asked the victim if he had a ticket .The man didn't answer so the deputy took a hold of the mans hand and stopped him questioning .Whitmore says the man broke free and raised a clinch fists to the officer and then charged at the officer several times .You know what happens next folks the man was tasered 2 times and the officer said he got back up and charged him again and the man was tasered for a 3rd time sound like something fish huh ?.
My observation is becoming very clear of this story if the officer couldn't handle the suspect why not call for back up ? .In a busy LA Station i'm sure that it is a lot of officers around to help the officer subdue the man with out tasering him to death .Deputy Whitmore said a drug pipe used for smoking drugs fell on the ground while they were scuffling.
The victim who is unidentified was murdered yes I said murdered after being tasered 3 times .
My other question is this aren't officers trained to use physical force to subdue a suspect ?
And when it comes to officer tasering and killing people the main part of the story you can be sure to see is that the suspect had drugs on them .
Any person who has seen the history of the past 2 years of tasering knows that some police officers will use drugs as an excuse to murder somebody with a taser .Officers like this make me sick and should be thrown under a prison with a life sentence . Link to Article Below

Gov.David Paterrson Unleashes Race Card Baby !

New York,Gov.David Paterrson Of NewYork said something I will never hear President Obama say. Quote:Gov.David Paterrson "What I feel is that one very successful minority in office permissible,but when you see to many succcess stories,then some people get nervous".
Get this the White House told him not to play the race card but Patterson did any way and i'm glad he did he is saying something President Obama will never say and that is too many blacks in power will make bigots nervous and as hell mad .
Paterrson is ready to take on all critics and he is mad as hell and I don't blame him and I thank him for speaking the truth .Video of this story below .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Debt Collector Abuses Black Woman; Calls Her Fat and Ghetto

New York,New York. A Black woman who had Paid her bill was being verbally abused by a bigoted Debt collector.She was called "fat, uneducated, a reject, and ghetto". Video Below